截至6月30日, CAFF announced four rounds of emergency assistance grants to California farmers impacted by the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic. Most of the growers have not or are unlikely to receive other forms of assistance, 被州政府和联邦政府的刺激计划所忽视. The California Family Farmer 应急基金 has so far awarded 89 micro-grants totaling over $222,000. 以下是一些获奖者:

“With this grant my family farm will be able to buy personal protective gear to help us continue farming during this pandemic. This gives me hope that during a crisis like this there is light in the middle of the storm. 非常感谢!!!”



“我们的家庭, 在“天堂的产品”, wants to sincerely thank CAFF and all of the donors for your amazing support! This grant will help us to continue our growth during these uncertain times in order to accomplish our mission of providing quality, 新鲜的, locally grown Nopales and tomatillo to communities all across the California Central Valley. We hope to support the growing interest in Hispanic cuisine and equitable access to healthy food.”



“由于新冠肺炎大流行,我失去了销售. This grant is greatly significant and provides me much needed stress relief due to my lost sale. I will use it wisely to continue farming, pay for my rent of farmland, and fix walk-in cooler. Your support allows me and my family has an opportunity to regain our financially lost and keep our farm running. 这对我们来说是非常有意义的. 再次感谢您的助理和支持.”



“我和我的家人得到的这笔钱对我们来说意义重大. My family is really grateful because with this money I can use it toward fertilization of my plant and also part of it to pay for my wife’s funeral experience. 我和我的家人真的很感激.”



“As our country undergo a health crisis, my family and I are struggling financially. 通常, at this time of year we are selling our vegetables to local venders and able to distribute our vegetables nationwide. However, due to the pandemic my family and I often find it hard to make ends meet. We are struggling to buy fertilizers for our growing crops and diesel for our tractor so we can continue to farm.

我的父母在弗雷斯诺长期务农. I grew up farming with my parents and would like to continue on this tradition. 我们感谢紧急基金. With the emergency fund we will be able to purchase necessary fertilizers for our growing crops, 柴油车和口罩,为收获蔬菜做好准备.”



我想感谢颁发给我的奖学金. 这些钱将用来继续生产我们的草莓. 我们还将继续为工薪家庭提供工作, 因此, 帮助国家经济复苏. 谢谢你所做的一切.



“很难用语言来表达我们对CAFF给予Oz的农场的感激之情. 对我们来说, 这意味着你可以稍稍松一口气, 提醒我们,即使在这样不确定的时期,也要保持信任. We are honored and invigorated by CAFF’s support to keep on tending the soil and sharing nutritious food with our neighbors and community members in Mendocino County.”




“首先,非常感谢你! 这笔赠款将帮助我们减少日常开支, most importantly aid us in keeping our team employed and able to feed and nurture their families. 在这段艰难时期,这对我们意义重大. 我们非常感谢CAFF. 再次非常感谢你. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and help during such a difficult time.”



“我们从心底感谢你们的资助. We will be able to pay our bills on time and continue to pay off our tools we currently use for harvesting and for moving our season forward. Without you all we would have defaulted on a loan and we are so grateful that the farming community has allowed us to come through this tumultuous time. 非常感谢!”




“CAFF的拨款将允许Balakian农场继续有机种植, 促进健康生活方式的可持续农业做法, 一个健康的环境. 在这段不确定的时期, it creates opportunities that promote multi-generational relationships through utilization of sound methods and farming practices at our family farm.”



“The 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic changed things dramatically for me very quickly as a farmer as we lost all of our revenue streams pretty immediately. 作为一个单身母亲,这样的损失是毁灭性的. This grant will help me to cover some of our costs as we have changed our farm model very quickly and are hustling to meet new demands and to serve our community the healthiest and 新鲜的est food we can grow. 非常感谢 for this help – this has a significant impact for us to help us keep going.”



“我非常感谢CAFF的捐赠者们相信并支持农民. 我有一个9英亩的农场, every year being a farmer gets more and more challenging from minimum wage raising each year, 加班的规则变化, 没有足够的员工来收割庄稼. 这次大流行给我们的行业带来了新的挑战. As you know many people have lost their jobs and are now only buying essential food and strawberries are luxury food and vegetables are more essential food. This grant will help me to buy zucchini seeds to be able to plant and harvest for June and be able to help pay my farm mortgage payment.”



The Afzal family would like to thank CAFF for this incredible funding opportunity. When the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic started and our business took a hit we did a lot of research into finding support for small farmers but could find very little support to help small farmers. 农民, we often have many things working against us that we have very little control over yet this is one of the most important jobs in the world and we take great pride in helping feed our community. Running a small family farm can be even more difficult for an immigrant family that has the odds stacked against them. 这项拨款允许我们继续做我们引以为傲的工作.”



“非常感谢您授予我们这项奖学金! 在过去的几个月里,甚至直到今天, my husband and I are struggling to keep up with our bills and maintaining our farm that we love due to the pandemic. This grant will allow us to catch up on some bills and create a safety net for us to continue to do what we love. 谢谢CAFF支持我们的小农场.”



特别感谢我们的几位 慷慨的捐助者喷淋设备