The CAFF 董事会 is composed of farmers and community leaders with expertise in a wide range of areas, 其中包括宣传, 企业管理, 通信, 金融, 教育, 基金发展, 和法律. The Board meets monthly and is responsible for taking care of the strategic and financial health of the organization.


Dawnie Andrak, 董事会主席, 是当地美食之旅的共同所有者吗, 提供烹饪外交体验. 她于2017年毕业,获得文学硕士学位, 太平洋大学食品研究项目的第一届课程. Dawnie也是我们食品文化学院的毕业生, 也是土地学习中心农场学院的毕业生, 一项针对初出乍到的农民的计划. Dawnie also founded and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for Capitol WebWorks, 有限责任公司, 专门从事政治咨询的网络咨询公司, 政府, 协会和非营利组织, 和公共事务沟通. 


“Farmer Al” Courchesne has been a welcome sight at farmers’ markets around the Bay Area for over 30 years. 和他的桃子一样,阿尔也是土生土长的. 1976年,他在布伦特伍德种植了第一个桃园. 十三年后, Al began farming organically in large part because of a commitment he wanted to make to the soil, 水和他居住的社区. 在他的农业生涯中, 农民Al一直是可持续土地利用的积极倡导者, 保护, 有机耕作方式. 艾尔和他的妻子贝基住在农场里, 他们的两个女儿麦蒂和米莉, 还有他们的狗诺奇.


高文·巴蒂斯特出生并成长于门多西诺海岸的一个农业家庭. 她在大学里学习金属制造和可持续农业, 在波特兰种植, 在回到门多西诺管理诺约食品森林之前,俄勒冈州的一个150英亩的农场, 布拉格堡联合学区的农场到学校项目. 在她担任Noyo食品森林项目经理的三季中, 她从北海岸酿造公司开始将用过的谷物制成堆肥,作为一种爱好. 这个爱好变成了一种使命和一种事业, and Fortunate Farm was founded on 40 acres co-owned by North Coast Brewing Company in 2014.



帕特丽夏 米勒 is a Community Engagement Manager with Edible Schoolyard Project based in Stockton, California. 她是斯托克顿黑人城市农民协会(BUFA)的联合创始人, former Director of Special Projects for PUENTES and a retired Senior Community Service Officer for the Stockton Police Department. She migrated from San Francisco to Alameda and then Stockton as she was drawn to agriculture in the region and has lived and participated in food systems and economic development work for more than twenty-five years.


Tommy Irvine在加州奇科长大并居住. 他以B的成绩毕业于加州州立大学奇科分校.S. 2003年主修工商管理及会计专业. 他的职业生涯始于在K-Coe Isom担任注册会计师, 它致力于农业和对社区的赞赏. He also currently serves as the treasurer of Chico Sunrise Rotary and will be on the board for 2014-2016. 他的职业生涯为他提供了丰富的经验, including both financial statement auditing and income tax services and provided him with the opportunity to work with a variety of family owned businesses.

Reynolds Michelle_headshot


2004年,米歇尔从阿巴拉契亚中部搬到了萨克拉门托. Michelle worked in county behavioral health and coordinated media and 通信 campaigns that sought to improve economic and social conditions for rural communities. 在加州, Michelle’s passion for sustainable food and farming practices inspired her run for the Board of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. She served the member-owned cooperative organization for almost 6 years in various leadership positions including Board President. 作为一名沟通者,米歇尔有超过20年的进步经验, with the last 12 years working in planning and implementing public policy 通信. 她还终身热爱家常菜、娱乐和当地美食.


迪尔德丽·霍尔布鲁克(迪尔德丽霍尔布鲁克)从事土地保护工作已有十多年, 因为她对这片土地的热爱, 农业和食品. She worked with leading land trusts pioneering agricultural 保护 programs including Marin Agricultural Land Trust, 以及今天的索诺玛土地信托. 在此之前, she served as a 通信 consultant for Straus Communications with clients including CAFF, 罗代尔研究所和美国.C. 戴维斯. 她得了个B.A. 从U.C. 圣克鲁斯和M.A. 从西北大学.


约翰·贝利是加州萨利纳斯的一名持证律师.   在他的法律业务中,他代表中小型农民和牧场主, 以及各种与农业相关的业务. John也是Top 10 Produce 有限责任公司的执行董事, 一个品牌控股公司,涉及产品品牌, 增值农业生产, 知识产权的许可. 


大卫Visher 30年来一直在帮助小农户取得成功. 这是他担任CAFF董事的第三个任期. 维舍创办了一家农产品分销公司, 种植了60英亩的特种作物, and spent nine years with the University of California Cooperative Extension Small Farm Program w在这里 he worked directly with farmers and institutions to help small producers in business and marketing. Leaving academia he founded a successful firm that created 教育al opportunities for farmers and ranchers about business and marketing, 战略规划, 和田园旅游业. Returning to the UC Sustainable Agriculture Program he was a Values Based Supply Chain Analyst for five years. 在此过程中,他领导了7家非政府组织, and since 2002 served as a consultant for the USAID Farmer to Farmer (F2F) program 17 times in 12 countries.


斯科特在南达科他州的一个365游戏大厅长大. 在大学期间, the farm was foreclosed and sold to a large farming group which plowed up acres of native prairie for one large conventional corn field. 搬到加州后,斯科特开始打2分.加州河滨市5英亩的城市农场. 今天, 他是河滨食品系统联盟的联合主席, 河滨食品合作社的董事会成员, 在“成长河畔”会议规划委员会任职, 谢尔曼印第安高中农业顾问委员会成员, and is serving on the California Farm to School Working Group with the CDFA Office of Farm to Fork and works as Riverside Unified School District Food Hub Coordinator.



朱迪斯·雷德蒙是CAFF董事会的退休成员. 她在加州北部的饱腹农场(Full Belly Farm)当农民, 并成为许多社区组织的志愿者,包括CAFF. She is currently involved with organizations like California Climate and Agriculture Network; U.C. 戴维斯 Ag Sustainability Institute; and AGree (Transforming Food and Ag 政策). She is a Fire Commissioner with the Capay Valley Volunteer Fire Department and on the steering committee of the Annual Hoes Down Harvest Festival hosted by Full Belly Farm.



丰富的柯林斯, 荣誉董事会主席, has been involved in vegetable production since the age of 10 when he started a one-acre suburban market garden with his family in Sacramento. He went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Managerial Economics 从UC 戴维斯. 今天, he is the original founder and of California Endive Farms (CEF) and owns the Collins Family Farm. Rich is a 2008 recipient of the Award of Distinction from the UCD’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. He is a member of the San Francisco Professional Food Society as well as the International Association of Culinary Professionals and Slow Food USA.




10月7日, 2020年:上月底, 我们失去了一个朋友, devoted CAFF board member and tireless champion in Sacramento fighting for family farms across the state. Pete Price served as CAFF’s legislative representative from 1998 to 2010 and joined the board in 2000 w在这里 he chaired the 政策 Committee. 努力改革我们的粮食和农业体系, 皮特志愿了无数个小时, 始终以对公平的坚定承诺为指导, 公平和可持续性. 皮特决定今年12月从CAFF彻底退休, 但一场自行车事故让这个目标落空了. 然而,他的遗产依然存在. 

学习 更多365游戏大厅皮特, his contributions to the world of sustainable ag policy, and how we are honoring his legacy.

为了纪念皮特,我们在咖啡馆宣布创建 皮特·普赖斯农场政策冠军 基金. The 基金 will provide resources for farmers and sustainable agriculture advocates to engage in California state policymaking. 相关方可以做出贡献 在这里. 此外,CAFF正在创建 皮特·普赖斯年度农业政策冠军 奖, as part of our annual recognition of food and farming champions across the state at the California Small Farm Conference.